2021 Hubspot Flexible URL Redirect How-to with example /*{wildcard_string}

How to set up a flexible URL redirect for a Hubspot site with subpages:

  1. https://app.hubspot.com/settings/your-account-id/domains/url-redirects
  2. select the “Add URL redirect” button (at the time of writing, this is located on the right hand side, above the active redirects table, in orange)
  3. in the UI Modal Panel, select the “Flexible” radio option
  4. in the UI Modal Panel “Original URL *” form field, add your URL
  5. append/*{wildcard_string}” to your URL (do not include the quotes. do include the beginning forward slash, otherwise it will not work)
  6. in the UI Modal Panel “Redirect to” form field, add your redirect to URL
  7. once the required form fields are filled out and there are input errors, select the “ Add URL redirect” button to active the URL redirect (note the redirect can take some time to activate)
Screenshot of Step 2 in the Hubspot GUI as of June 2021
Screenshot of Steps 3–7 in the Hubspot GUI as of June 2021

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