Authenticate Google Workspace Email with DKIM authentication for SquareSpace (How-to)

CR Rollyson
3 min readFeb 1, 2024

Follow these steps to add DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) protocol for authenticating outgoing emails for SquareSpace domains using Google Workspace Email service.

  1. Google Workspace: Log in to Google Admin and navigate to Google Workspace > Gmail (shortcut link:
    Apps > Google Workspace > Settings for Gmail > Authenticate email
  2. Google Workspace: Generate New Record — in the main Authenticate email view, click the Generate New Record (this may take some time to propagate / not instant so you may have to come back) — leave window open to easily copy/paste
  3. SquareSpace: Open new tab and log in to SquareSpace and navigate to the “Edit DNS” settings view (it’s deeply nested)
    Settings > Domains & Email > Domains > Managed Domains > Edit DNS
    (shortcut link: https://new-
  4. SquareSpace: Add Custom Records – Scroll to the bottom and click “Add Record”
  5. SquareSpace: For the “Host”, navigate back to Google Worksapce and copy DNS Host name (TXT record name): google._domainkey (at the time of this writing) and paste in the “Host” Custom Records input field in SquareSpace
  6. SquareSpace: For the “Type” select field, select TXT
  7. SquareSpace: For the “Priority” number field, leave blank unless you have a known requirement
  8. SquareSpace: For the “Data” text field, navigate back to Google Workspace and copy the “TXT record value:” string: v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=reallylongstring (at the time of this writing) and paste in the “Data” Custom Records input field in SquareSpace
  9. Google Workspace: Navigate back to Google Workspace Gmail view and click “Start Authentication” (this may take time to fully propagate) – you’ll know it’s successful, when you no longer see an alert message and can confirm in the view’s status message (above the newly created record at the time of this writing)
    “Status: Authenticating email with DKIM.”

And now for screenshots, because that is a lot of information:

Google Workspace Gmail View:

Google Workspace Gmail View Where You’ll Generate DKIM Record

SquareSpace Settings DNS Management View:

SquareSpace Settings DNS View Where You’ll Add A Custom DKIM Record

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CR Rollyson

UX & Web mgr for a S&P 500 Fintech & COO of Side Role, a marketing team partnering w In-house Teams & Agencies, Non-profits, & Start-Ups.