jQuery $.getJSON not loading in IE — Error Access is Denied. Check your url first for httpS://

No long story. A request works well for all browsers expect IE… shocker. IE will throw a non-descript “Error: Access is Denied”. Not always initially fun chasing down a ghost.

An API I recently built was returning this error when trying to access a Wistia endpoint. The Wistia doc specifies the endpoint URL protocall as being “http://”. I didn’t think any more about it until I finally found an article explaining more around this vanilla IE error and it does make sense once understanding what it is — IE doesn’t want to return mixed (http & https) content, because it’s a security compromise.

By adding an S to the http:// request, it works as intended:

Hope this solves it. If not, continue reading for a solution that worked for me, prior to making this minor adjustment.

Doesn’t solve your issue?

“Implements automatic Cross Origin Resource Sharing support using the XDomainRequest object for IE8 and IE9 when using the $.ajax function in jQuery 1.5+.”


Good luck!



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