How to set up a flexible URL redirect for a Hubspot site with subpages:

If you find you have gaps in your HTML email and have access/ability to add meta tags, add this (and save yourself some CSS):

<meta name=”x-apple-disable-message-reformatting” />

iPhone 8 Email Preview Rendering (without meta tag):


iPhone 8 Email Preview Rendering (without meta tag):

CharityEngine/Charity Engine — have to wonder if a space between Charity and Engine may be to blame for the limited amount of information easily accessible/searchable on the WWW about the CE platform. No secret CE’s own site search functionality is pretty limited. For that reason I’m posting something that is super straight-forward on most platforms — the managing of templates(?!_wtf)

Manage Templates

Do This:

CharityEngine UI Is Confusing As Shit — medium — post — crrollyson
CharityEngine UI Is Confusing As Shit — medium — post — crrollyson

If you are working on a managed Mac operating system with Mcafee installed, chances are you’ve likely experienced a slow-down or freeze with your Mac getting hot and fan sounds equal to a small plane taking off.

In August I wrote a post on Stopping McAfee Scan Manager freezes on…

I recently posted about McAfee Scan Manager causing my company issued Macbook to spin up the fan, overheat, and freeze — handing out the spinning beach ball of death and how I have been able to work-around McAfee Scan Manager freezes.

Yesterday after a recent OS update, my company issued…

No long story. Your hubdb has a select option and you would like to filter by one of the options. Use the Column name field (mind the underscores) and choose the select option you want to filter (mind the Case Sensitivity)

{% for row in hubdb_table_rows('hubdb_table_name', 'content_type=Podcast') %}{{ row }}{% endfor %}
HubDB Screenshot showing column edit view Column name and Select options case sensitivity

No long story. You know it’s available, but documentation is all over the board with mixed verbiage and gets a little tricky to reason out query params — orderBy + createdAt.

Turns out there is a prefix and a minus to flip the order to most recent.

Try this:

{% for row in hubdb_table_rows(‘name_of_hubdb’, ‘&orderBy=-hs_created_at’) %}

Good luck √ Hope this helps + Pass it on

No long story. A request works well for all browsers expect IE… shocker. IE will throw a non-descript “Error: Access is Denied”. Not always initially fun chasing down a ghost.

An API I recently built was returning this error when trying to access a Wistia endpoint. The Wistia doc specifies…

No long story – you’ve updated a mac password for an app and now something has stopped working…

Do this:

Mac Applications Keychain Access step 1

2. Search for the disconnected App in the top-right search bar – this will list all the keychains tied to…

Hubspot has their cache collection down pretty tight. While it’s helpful, there are situations where busting is helpful – like retrieving rows from a HubDB using a combination of hubl and javascript.

Here is the code:

Add cache buster to Hubspot Hubl get_asset_url with unixtimestamp — CMS functions


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